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Buying or selling a house is an exciting life event. We’ve successfully represented thousands of buyers and sellers all across New Jersey; in fact, we’ve done it about 15,000 times (or more…we stopped counting a long time ago). Since real estate is our speciality, our attentions can be focused on your transactions. Unlike generalists who dabble in real estate, while they also manage litigation or municipal court, we are able to bring expertise to the one area of law about which we are most passionate – real estate.

Perhaps you’re shopping for lawyers and are wondering if Sanchez Law is right for you. Most of our clients are busy people who see the value of a law firm which takes pride in explaining the process, communicates better than any other, and embraces the challenge of bringing order to what is notoriously a stressful process.  Don’ worry, we’ve got this.

Our clients value the importance of specialization. We’re often compared to doctors who specialize in a certain medical field. One of our clients described us to his friend (who also became our client) as the “elite forces” of residential real estate. This comparison is apt, since we do things better than any other. Our process is clear, our technology is better, and our project management has been perfected over nearly 25 years.

Our process starts with a thorough review of your contract, we then speak with you to conduct an where we ascertain all the information we couldn’t glean just from the contract (chances are you know a lot more about the property than what’s on the contract). Then we get to know you, your goals and your expectations. We will explain the process from contract to closing and will quote you a fee. When you’ve cleared us to proceed we will begin attorney review and will add you to our cloud-based transaction management platform, where you will have line-of-sight to all the milestones, have access to all the documents generated, and will be able to track progress.

After attorney review, we will negotiate the inspections with and for you, we will clear title conditions, track compliance with the contract, and coordinate with all the various stakeholders (title, lender, inspectors, Realtors, underwriters, settlement agent, etc.) prior to coordinating a closing, which, if you are a buyer, will take place at our office. Of course, there’s lots more that goes into a transaction, but this will give you a general idea of what we do, and how we do it.  

Client Testimonials

I am so impressed with Carlos Sanchez work. I have dealt with other attorneys with real estate deals and never have felt like I really had someone both knowledgeable and supportive. Questions were answered quickly and explained with details and options . I highly recommend him and his staff. I have worked with him twice and am quite sure I will work with again in the future.. I highly recommend him.

Jean Cruz


Carlos was awesome and a pleasure to work with! His team and him made our closing process a breeze! Carlos was supportive and extremely knowledgeable during the closing process of our first home. I'm glad I worked with Carlos because he was a straight shooter and is a no nonsense type of guy.

Dan Chan


Carlos and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. We sold a property while out of state and negotiations had to deal with an old decommissioned oil tank on the property. It was all handled professionally and we felt we were in good hands the entire time. Would highly recommend!

Albert Lepinski


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